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Tamsam Kennels, are a collaboration between smooth fox terrier breeders Pat Plimmer and Sue Seddon. Established in 1996, Tamsam is located just outside of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Tamsam breeds top quality, sound dogs with excellent temperaments. It is the home of multi all breeds and speciality Best in Show winners and the breeder of New Zealand's first grand champion fox terrier. The bloodlines are descended from the best of Grenpark and Rama smooth fox terriers.

The "Tam"in "Tamsam" originates from "Tamatea" Kennels. Tamatea was registered in 1967 by Pat Plimmer. She acquired her first smooth fox terrier in 1965. The "Sam" in "Tamsam" originates from Sue Seddon's original kennel, "Samanda".

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We only breed at most a couple of times a year. There is a long wait list for puppies so please get in touch early. We can also advise you of other litters available from any registered breeders in New Zealand. Fox terriers require a secure fenced in yard unless you live in a rural area. They are very sociable and will enjoy you spending plenty of time at home with them.

Up until 8 weeks of age puppies are learning invaluable social skills from their mother and littermates. Therefore this is the youngest that they are able to go to their new family. Puppies can travel by air but it's likely we would wait until they were a few weeks older.

Puppies will have had their 8 week vaccination (parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and kennel cough) and a full veterinary health check. They will have begun their puppy worming from 2-3 weeks of age. Their subsequent vaccination is due at 12 weeks of age but we recommend you visit your vet (or friendly veterinary nurse/receptionist) to discuss puppy school, diet, ongoing worming and any other questions you may have. They will also talk to you about safe places your puppy can go (i.e.fenced in backyard, puppy school) prior to completion of vaccinations.

Bramble and Kiera- tan and white fox terrier puppies playing with dog toy
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Older dogs available

From time to time we look to find a perfect forever home for one of our retired show dogs. They are all used to spending some time inside our homes living the "pet" life. They will have become used to being with their "doggy" best friends. Therefore you're need to either be home lots or have another friendly dog or they will feel lonely.

Compared to a very adaptable young puppy, they will have more individual temperaments. We will make sure you are a perfect fit. And most importantly there will always be a trial period to ensure everyone is happy.

Stud dogs

We do not stand any dogs at stud publicly. The dogs we are breeding from can be seen at breeding

Frozen semen

We have stored semen from a number of our most acclaimed historic stud dogs. We are excited to be able to continue to have access to these very special bloodlines.

Jaffa smooth fox terrier chewing pluto toy

Together we are Tamsam

~ Pat Plimmer

Eagerly awaiting Pat's answers

Why fox terriers? What makes them special?

You've been breeding smooth fox terriers for over half a century now. But you actually started with obedience. Is it challenging to train a fox terrier for obedience?

And then you switched to breeding for the show ring. What makes you passionate about that?

How did you meet Sue (Pat)? What spurred your partnership and why do you think it is so successful?

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering owning a fox terrier what would it be?

Dog shows are very social and a great way to make new friends. But they're also a chance to embrace our competitive spirit. What do you love about showing dogs?

You're involved in the NZ Fox Terrier Club. Did you actually start that up? And what's your role now?

How many fox terriers do you own now (2021)? Do they all get on? Do you need a big back yard to own a fox terrier?

Do you let your fox terriers share your bed? Maybe we should add a hey folks, don't try this at home warning!

Very baby fox terrier puppy asleep on sheepskin

~ Sue Seddon

Eagerly awaiting Sue's answers

Fox terriers have a bit of a reputation for being feisty. But your bloodlines seem to have a superb temperament and are very friendly with people and dogs alike. Are you specifically breeding for that or did you just kinda hit the jackpot?

Could you ever have a favourite? I vote for Boris because how could you possibly get more character yet good-heartedness. But I suspect your favourites are a little more chilled.

Fox terriers and cats? Of course we know they're best mates if introduced when young. But I know there's a little bit of heartache there.

Are all fox terriers born hunters? Any interesting stories there?

You've had some very generous mentors over the years. Who's helped you the most?

You've got fox terrier friends from all over the world. That's got be a kinda cool?

There's some other fox terrier breeders in New Zealand you work closely alongside. Let's give them a shout-out!

Did you breed the famous "Charlie Brown"?

For a smooth coated breed most of us would be surprised how much expertise goes into grooming a dog to be show ready?

What's in the future?

Long black with a glass of milk on the side

~ Pat

like coffee, fox terriers liven up your day!

How do you like your fox terrier?


~ Sue